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Electricity! It's something we take for granted and use every day. Electricity affects us in so many ways that our life would be devastatingly different without it. We all know that sometimes the power company has short little blips of power failure and then the power comes back on and we don't give it much thought other than the aggravation of resetting our electric clocks.

But what if something greater happened... like another Ike or Harvey, a storm that would cause us to be without power for days or even weeks. That would be a game changer! Your attitude would go from happy-go-lucky to we're in a world of hurt almost instantly!  That is where a whole house standby backup generator system becomes VERY valuable!

Enter Power Now LLC. Power Now LLC. can supply you and your family with the security you need to withstand any storm or electric service blackout. Power Now LLC. Supplies generators from 7 KW all the way up to 150 KW and more. Power Now LLC. and their large selection of standby generators can give you the peace of mind you seek. Call them today at 832-448-0478. You and your family will be very glad you did as we all know that another electrical crisis in our area is not a matter of if, but when!

Our primary focus is on air-cooled and liquid-cooled standby generators powered by natural gas or propane from 8KW to 350KW. We specialize in Briggs and Stratton, Generac and Cummins whole house standby generator sales and service, but also carry a wide range of other manufacturers. In addition to natural gas products, we also sell other types of standby generator sets, including, propane as well as dual fuel systems.  We have or can get the standby generator system that is tailored to your specific needs and specifications.

A Yelp Customer Review!

Love these guys... installed an amazing generator for me and have had no issues whatsoever. Operates flawlessly and when the power goes out, my neighboor's bring over their food, we cook it and eat for free! Looking forward to the next hurricane and having power through the entire event! John Taggert, is also amazing. He does what he says he will do. No BS!!!

- Sophia in Spring

grey residential enclosed backup power standby generator

Residential / Commercial Generators

With Residential and Commercial standby Generators from 7KW - 150KW... we can power any size home or business!

enclosed water-cooled industrial generator

Industrial Generators

Need REAL power?  Power Now LLC has the standby generator equipment to keep your industrial or commercial operation powered up!

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Maintenance Info

Let us keep your standby generator in top mechanical condition with on-location service calls and remote standby generator monitoring.

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Parts and Service

Power Now LLC. has many parts in stock and skilled technicians that can assist you with keeping your standby generator in top condition!

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