Power Now, LLC is now offering 24/7 Remote Monitoring on all generators. In the race to provide the best possible service for you, this 24/7 continuous monitoring system takes the lead.

Remote monitoring represents the best way to detect the operating condition of your generator. This system will be able to detect and provide notification of a failure in real time.

Protect your investment with affordable generator monitoring solutions that are efficient and at the same time cost-effective. Remote monitoring prevents 95% of “fail-to-start” situations, including, but not limited to:

If you are interested and/or have any questions about this new option, please contact John Taggart with Power Now LLC at 832-448-0478.

Listed below are Power Now's Maintenance Agreement options:

Residential Remote Monitoring – $850 includes equipment and installation for the first year. Battery replacement every two years at no additional cost with a two-year renewal. 24/7 monitoring plus an oil change for this first year and $695.00 every year after with a free battery replacement every 24 months.